One of the Level 2 instructors in the US is also a Cranial Sacral Practitioner.  In fact, she used to teach Cranial Sacral Therapy (the John Upledger system). 

一位美國的量子觸療高階的導師,也是顱薦椎治療的治療師,事實上,她也在教導顱薦椎治療的課程 (the John Upledger system).


Dear Henri (量子觸療總部教務長): 

There is a massive difference, as I see it, between craniosacral therapy and QT. I have wondered how many people really know what craniosacral therapy is. I would love to hear your ideas and what you think craniosacral work is.


It's osteopathic work. The training can be very very extensive.  I have over 1500 hours of classroom training and feel I could easily quadruple that training.  Many people these days are not going deep into training, however, with craniosacral work.  Originally it was only available to osteopaths. An osteopath named John Upledger recognized that families and other professionals could benefit from having the skills to help others, so broke out and began teaching the work to many.  Since then the work has gotten enormously watered down, which is not bad, however, I believe has lead the work to sometimes be mistaken for being only energy work. It is much more.

它是整骨的工作。可以進行非常非常大規模的培訓。我有超過 1500 個小時的課堂培訓經驗,我覺得我的培訓經驗很容易能再翻兩番。然而,關於顱薦骨的工作,很多人在培訓的這幾天不會深入。最初它只是可用於正骨。正骨醫生名叫John Upledger,他認為,很多家庭和其他專業人員可以受益於這種技能而去幫助別人,所以突然開始對很多人進行教學工作。自那時以來,教學工作如巨大水流般,這是不壞,不過,我相信這樣引導,有時它更會被誤認為只是能量工作。 

There is a very technical side to craniosacral therapy. This involves a deep understanding and training in anatomy. Being able to feel the subtle workings of anatomy and fluid systems in the body is the way the work is applied.


At this point there are many schools and approaches to craniosacral therapy. Some do what is called more biomechanical craniosacral work, others are doing what is referred to as biodynamic and there are shamanic or visionary approaches.


Wow! This answer could be very long. 這個答案還真長

QT is more like biodynamic craniosacral therapy in some regards in that both are working with the practitioners presence and energy to allow an entrainment, trusting the innate intelligence of the body to correct itself given optimal conditions.


The greatest difference is how CS work tracks what is happening in the body of the other. There's an analysis and awareness of what is happening in the other with CS work.


There's my first offering to answer this question, Henri."


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